Selfcare 4 Women of Color w/ Summer Ko

  • Junior High 5656 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States

WORKSHOP / $5 / ALL AGES / A discussion inspired by and rooted in the works of Sara Ahmed, Audre Lorde, Rupi Kaur, Beyonce, Janet Mock, and many others. As a great woman of color once said,

"But to live doesn't mean you're alive." - Nicki Minaj

We'll be diving into what self care means, encompassing the cross sections of mental and physical wellness, race, sexuality, gender, class, and everything that makes women of color wonderfully and beautifully complex human beings. And then we'll be having a party to celebrate ourselves, because women of color are rarely celebrated. #DeserveBetter. 


Summer Ko was born and raised in the LA area. She is a Gemini WOC, and graduated from UC Irvine. Summer is a proud member of the #BeyHive and an aspiring writer.