WE REAL COOL, curated by Aja Wiley, is a multimedia group show featuring work by young, black creatives.


Fire Coral is a 3 day solo show featuring new work by Lithuanian-based Akville Magicdust. Different from the reserved nordic mood, Akvile uses bright tropical colors to create dream-like poetic stories


CONSTRUCT OF VIEWPOINT, by Hannah Altman, is a body of work made up of photographic self portraits printed on various textiles in exploration of female presence, identity, and assertion.

COSMIC NOT EXOTIC is a group show featuring work by collective "Nobody's Betis." Curated by Samar Saif, Cosmic not Exotic confronts racial fetishism.

Fatter IRL: LA is the Los Angeles branch of an art show celebrating the visual work of fat artists/bodies. Curated by Annie Rose.

Faith Silva presents: QUARTER OF A CENTURY, a solo photography show featuring polaroid portraits of Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Chance the Rapper & more.

WHAT WOULD OLIVIA BENSON DO is a silent-auction art show raising money for END THE BACKLOG, an initiative by the Joyful Heart Foundation focused on ending the rape kit backlog in the United States. The art show and proceeding events seek to empower survivors of sexual assault and educate the community about the often-silenced issues surrounding rape culture.

Originally created for BABYCASTLES in new york, SLIDE TO EXPOSE, is an augmented reality project by Nicole Ruggiero, Molly Soda, and Refrakt that explores digital intimacy, privacy, the concepts of life and death online, and ultimately asks how devices, particularly our phones, aid, form, and reshape our perceptions of these experiences.

From Madrid, "We Don't Care Anymore" is a group show featuring 21 artists from around the globe united by the color pink.

Gingy Q presents Cyborg Goddess, a physical virtuality solo exhibition that asks viewers to move beyond the limitations of body, tech, & soul.

By Any Memes Necessary is a meme-centric art show serving as a commentary on internet culture's ability to help us cope and empathize. By Any Memes Necessary will feature work from Instagram's most legendary meme creators.

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Whiskey Hour is Grace Pickering's first solo photography show featuring a diverse array of portraits taken in southern California while the sun casts a golden hue.

          Press: exploring foreign identities with photographer grace pickering / i-d

Miss Representation focuses on subverting classically and societally white-centric imagery by redesigning it through a WOC lens. This show aims to magnify the arbitrary nature of cultural standards and the necessity of diversity and representation within culture and the art world. Curated by Erika Paget and Maritza Lugo.

           Press: MissRepresentation: a show for praising women of color / Nastygal
           'Miss Representation' exhibit tackles the lack of diversity in art / Attn:
           Miss Representation: gives a voice to artistic women of color / Art and Cake
           This art show features work from women of color, because they are a "force to be reckoned with" / Hello Giggles

COZY + LONELY is the first solo show by Zoie Harmon wherein she explores the ideas of self-care and solitude through sculpture.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is an ode to platonic friendships, sharing bedsheets, watching shitty tv, telling secrets, and pinky swears. Curated by faye orlove, BFF is a group show featuring artists whose works embody the ideas of togetherness and friendship. 

Her Room will break the boundaries between a standard gallery show, an interactive installation and an immersive mise-en-scene. Her Room is created with the participation of a diverse group of multimedia artists, through which the gallery space will be transformed into a fantasy bedroom, an escape from reality, suspended in time. 

     Press: The femme gaze art show you need to check out / Milk

EAT ME: a pop up show championing all things relating to female pleasure, especially of the cunnilingus variety. EAT ME hopes to not only de-stigmatize the demand for female oral pleasure but also celebrate it and start a much more open dialogue on human sexuality.

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Thinkin' Bout You: a group art show focusing on dreams and nostalgia. Curated by Briana Gonzalez. 

Girl on Girl Collective presents: FIRST KISS, a multimedia showcase featuring art of all mediums from girls of all kinds.

          Press: Olivia Accardo / The Local Dive

SMASH THAT LIKE by Caroline Goldfarb. A solo art show concerning the ideas of pop culture and fame. Made possible by @bbdakota.

          Press: The Artist Behind @officialseanpenn Gets Her First Gallery Show / LA Weekly